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Robo Kit – I is a low cost USB based Pic development Board. Developing country like ours (Bangladesh) one cannot order Robotic / Pic development board which is available all over the internet. Specialty of this board is robotic based research with in effort. Beauty of this Kit is all most all important research elements are available on board but, the price is cent percent of others. Any daughter board like servo controller, stppermotor controller.. Etc can be easily placed on port headers. Single sided PCB makes hobbyists life easier. Remote sensing is easy for built in 38 KHz infra red receiver. No additional programmer needed due to a built in programmer (bootloader). Lastly, extensive source code and tutorials have been developed to make it easy enough for a beginner. For more information please download the Manual here.


Features of Robo Kit-I.
• Single Layer PCB (easy to replace parts)
• Socket for 40 Pin PIC Microcontrollers (16F87x, 18FXXX)
• 5 independent Push Switches
• 16x 2 Characters LCD
• 1 PIZO Buzzer
• In Circuit Serial programming / Debugging Support
• 8 LED indicators
• USART (RS-232 Module)
• USB Communication Port
• USB Boot Loader Support
• 38 KHz Modulated Infra Red Sensor
• Connector for two Analog Inputs
• Connector for Hardware driven PWM
• Connector for T0CKI
• Connector for I2C Bus
• Changeable Crystal Oscillator (20MHz standard)
• All I/O lines available through Headers
• USB based power supply.
• On Board regulated 5V 1A power supply.